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Professional Development for Sports Industry Professionals

As a part of ASGA’s mission that supports the active lifestyle and sports performance industry we have partnered with Elite Performance Specialist, Paul Farina, to deliver Masterclasses on team development, leadership and strategy. Join us to master the skills of business performance.

The Australian Sporting Goods Association currently offers the following masterclasses in the area of leadership training:



Leadership Behaviours - Captain Influencing

Leading an organisational team can be as tough as it is influential. Learn the traits of high performing captains and how to hire them.

connected Learning

Connected Leading - Leadership Thinking

Turn technical talent into results through the proven interpersonal skills all leaders need. Profound impact can only be achieved by connection.


Courageous Communicating - Leadership Conversing

Building the confidence to craft and execute conversations - from coaching to confrontation - for gaining trust & improving team productivity.


Culture Performing - Leadership Framing

Take this opportunity to dig into the transferable elements leaders can inject into their workplaces. Build long lasting identity to drive performance.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Managers looking to update and upgrade their leadership capabilities

Mid -Level Managers looking to build better teams and hit targets more regularly

Rising Stars looking to leverage their skills & jump start career progression


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