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Industry Research



As the leader in Australian Sporting Goods Research, our insights empower members make informed business decisions. ASGA Market Intelligence Reports cover key industry data, trends, performance and market size.

Understand The Market

Identify external threats and opportunities

Gain an in-depth view of the market through sales data, consumer research and competitor analysis.

Know Your Customer

Learn which categories are trending and why

Pinpoint the specific products being purchased and the precise volume is being distributed to retailers.

See The Future

Anticipate trends & validate assumptions

Forecast market direction with industry data delivered with critical context and expert analysis.

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ASGA Market Intelligence Reports are your decisive resource for gaining an informational advantage in the marketplace. Our leading research answers the market-based questions of CEO’s, category managers and marketers:


Sport-Specific, Track & Field, Hiking and Leisure Footwear.​

Golf (AU & NZ)

Golf Apparel, Bags, Buggies, Clubs Balls, Shoes & Gloves.

Other Research

Monthly data of retailers, brands and distributors.​


Lifestyle Fashion, Licensed, Non-Licensed & Accessories.


Total retail sales and size of footwear, apparel & equipment.

Working closely with our Research Partners, 10ThousandFeet, we collect extensive data from Members and the broader industry to power our insights.

Data Spreadsheet

containing the comprehensive data we use to compile our Market Intelligence Reports.

Online Access

to our exclusive ASGA Market Intelligence dashboard for real-time research updates.

Visual Summary

providing a detailed graphical overview of key market statistics and trends.

Retrospective Data

records dating back to 1995 to glean a historical perspective on key indicators.

Our Reports,Your Advantage

Become an Industry Insider

ASGA Members gain full access to our full suite of Market Intelligence Reports. These exclusive resources provide a detailed analysis of the Australian Sporting Goods market, providing the tools to predict future trends, identify key category changes, benchmark performance against your industry peers, and empower data-driven decision making.

Download a free report sample

Download a free sample report