Physical Activity Position Paper

Physical Activity


The Australian Sporting Goods Association and its members have long recognised the benefits of physical activity. We know that the proven benefits of physical activity are significant and far-reaching. Active lifestyles contribute to the intellectual, physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Active people have longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives contributing to strong communities and economies.

We recognise that the benefits of physical activity and sports can be realised by everyone, regardless of background, ability or age. However, children and young people need to participate in a range of fun sports and activities. Children who enjoy being active at an early age are more likely to be active for life.

We also understand that the inactivity crisis is real with severe consequences to our society, it is a systemic challenge. Everyone has a role to play in the solution including governments, education institutions, the medical field, civil society, businesses as well as individuals. It will require multi-sector collaboration to reverse the current trends and create a world where sport and physical activity are not only highly valued but an expected and enjoyable part of life.

We believe that the Sporting Goods Industry has a unique role in creating a more active Australia. Collectively our passion and energy can inspire people around Australia; we bring to life the joy of sport and unlimited potential associated with active lifestyles. We have significant technical expertise and experience in the field, as well as great reach. The industry currently supports a wide range of local, national and international initiatives to get people active. Collectively, we reach millions of consumers through our products, communications and brands, and enhance the wellbeing of our employees by offering opportunities to engage in active, healthy lifestyles.

We also recognise that a more active Australia is good for society, the future of our children and is fundamental to the continued economic success of our industry.

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