How the sporting goods industry can use research to shift and adapt to Australia’s changing landscape

For the past 18 years, research agency 10 THOUSAND FEET has worked with the biggest sporting goods brands in Australia, delivering strategic research and advice that transforms the way brands engage with their audiences. For the past decade, 10 THOUSAND FEET has been ASGA’S preferred research partner.

10 THOUSAND FEET has shared four key research themes relevant to today’s climate that will be available in their consumer research for the sporting goods industry in 2021.

Brand Gravity –DTC has increased its share of sales by 12% since 2017. The continued rise of DTC, combined with stock issues and record retail sales, means consumers have been rapidly exposed to a wider array of brands. The role of brand gravity has never been more important. Securing a profitable and loyal customer base and being ahead of the market calls for strategy and multi-brand tracking of awareness, preference, usage, brand positioning etc.

Sustainability – 65% of Australians will travel up to 10KM to recycle their sports shoes. See how leading brands rank on perceptions of environmental sustainability and understand the sustainability messages that appeal the most.

Online shopping – COVID has seen an explosion in online shopping and the sporting goods market is no different, with online sales growing 17% in 2020. See how brands are trending on key sales channels and whether they are underperforming or outperforming the market in online sales. Importantly the research shows how to overcome barriers that consumers face in choosing one online retailer over another.

New season styles – With stock challenges globally, getting a read on consumer sentiment on new season styles is of great importance in facilitating more targeted buying decisions.

Category subscriptions are available for: Performance Footwear; Lifestyle Footwear; Performance Apparel; Lifestyle Apparel; Sporting Brands Retail; Outdoor Footwear

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