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Executive Summary

A Victoria University research project commissioned by The Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) to collect Australian activewear industry statistics and document detailed and valuable findings.



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Project Overview

Commissioned by the ASGA and undertaken by Victoria University, this major research project will provide valuable insights for brands, retailers and marketers through five fundamental stages:

  1. Literature review
  2. Focus groups of female activewear consumers
  3. Surveys for activewear brand and retail experts
  4. National survey for female activewear consumers
  5. Report to summarise the research

Research Objectives

The final summary of findings will address these main objectives:

  • Identify priorities and thought-patterns behind female activewear purchases, including the choice for sportswear over fashionwear.
  • Determine whether women who participate in sport or active recreation are more likely to purchase activewear.
  • Identify broad trends in the female activewear industry and predict the likely changes within the industry over the next five years.

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With valuable evidence-based information, this report will provide an in-depth understanding of the purchasing habits of female activewear consumers, and the overall trends in the industry. In total this is an invaluable tool for brands, marketers and retailers.

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