Active Wear eBook

How to influence female active wear purchasing decisions

This eBook will allow brands, marketers and retailers to better understand the drivers of Australian female active wear consumption, with a focus on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions.

The Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA), commissioned Victoria University to undertake Active Wear: Forecasting future trends The Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA), commissioned Victoria in female consumer behaviour, a major research project that provided valuable insights to brands, retailers and marketers of female active wear. This research provides details on findings from the first four stages that address the following objectives:

  • Identify what drives female consumers in their purchasing decisions with regard to active wear and what is the place of sport versus fashion related decision-making
  • Understand what is female hierarchy of priorities in purchasing active wear
  • Determine if there is a relationship between female purchasing decision-making in regard to active wear and their participation (or lack of it) in sport and active recreation
  • Identify the consumer and organisational trends in the female active wear industry and what will be the major changes likely to happen in the industry

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